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Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl

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Introducing our exquisite salad bowl, meticulously crafted from a single block of sustainably sourced Sheesham Wood. Embrace the beauty of nature in your kitchen with this stunning and eco-friendly addition to your dining experience.

Whether tossing up a fresh garden salad or serving fruits for a healthy snack, you'll appreciate the ease of handling this bowl comfortably and gracefully. The lightweight nature of the Sheesham makes this salad bowl for everyday use.

Experience the harmony between functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics as you make a conscious choice for your kitchen and the environment. Embrace nature's finest craftsmanship today.

Add our salad bowl to your kitchen and experience the beauty of nature.

- Handmade 

- Hand Sanded Matt Finish

- Single Block Sheesham Wood

- Made in India

- One Size:

9” diameter x 3” height


Experience the Art of Timely Delivery: Domestic orders arrive within 3-5 days, like a carefully curated masterpiece arriving at your doorstep.


Sheesham Wood(Indian Rosewood )


  1. Avoiding Certain Conditions: Microwave, dishwasher, soaking, abrasive scrubbing, and harsh chemicals can all be detrimental to wooden tableware. Microwaving can cause the wood to dry out and crack, dishwashers can subject the wood to excessive moisture and heat, soaking can cause warping, abrasive scrubbing can damage the wood's surface, and harsh chemicals can strip away natural oils and finish.
  2. Cleaning Methods: Using softer sponge-surfaced cleaners or a soft washcloth is recommended for cleaning wooden tableware. Mild dish soap is effective without being too harsh on the wood.
  3. Drying Promptly: It's important not to let wooden tableware soak or stay wet for prolonged periods. This can lead to warping, cracking, or mold growth. Washing and drying them promptly after use is a good practice.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Wooden tableware, like any natural material, benefits from regular maintenance. Over time, wood can become dull or lose its luster due to exposure to oils, moisture, and handling. Applying food-safe oil, such as coconut oil, helps to restore the wood's appearance and protect it from further wear.
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